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Cookies are text-based data sent from web pages to your browser. The data are subsequently saved on your computer and later sent by the browser back to the web server upon your next visit. This way, the cookies are used to distinguish individual users as well as to allow the browser to display repeatedly visited websites with previously specified custom pre-sets.

Cookies facilitate easy displaying of web pages. They do not pose any security risk for the user. Cookies cannot be used to identify the user or reveal their identity in any way.

Within Antee, cookies are used to evaluate the traffic of individual web pages and other statistics. In turn, the statistics help us adapt the content to visitors with regards to the actual usage. For example, we monitor which browser is most frequently used by a visitor to visit the website, whether they are using a mobile phone or a tablet, or which particular parts of the web presentation they visit. Thanks to the data, we are able to improve the web presentations for our customers, making the browsing experience more convenient and intuitive. Cookies are never used to monitor individual customers.

Accepting and storage of cookies can be disabled in any browser – follow the links below to learn how to make these changes.